Keep Your Home Safe From Prying Eyes

Arrange for a privacy fence installation in Salinas, CA

Looking to add a functional and appealing border to your yard? A privacy fence installation can turn your yard into a private sanctuary, containing children and pets while keeping wild animals out.

AXX Construction LLC installs all kinds of fences in the Salinas, CA area. You can choose from options like...

  • Wood fences that will provide a natural and elegant look
  • Chain-link fences that are incredibly durable and secure
  • Vinyl fencing that's strong enough to last a lifetime with little care

We'll customize your fence to give you the look you want. Set up a fence installation when you contact us today.

Don't let a damaged fence ruin your curb appeal

Accidents and extreme weather can damage even the most durable fences. If your fence is cracked or broken, turn to us for fence repair services. Our team can replace anything from a single broken post or panel to an entire fence. From wood rot to broken chain links, we'll make sure your fence is as good as new.

Schedule fence repairs by calling 831-809-0878 now.